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Completed projects

GEMA ART GROUP a. s. has been active in the field of monument conservation and restoration since 1990 and thanks to the quantity of remarkable works and the complexity of the services we offer, we have built a unique and irreplaceable position in the field of historical restoration in the Czech Republic.

Our main activities are the restoration and conservation of protected monuments and works of art. Permanent co-operation with excellent restorers and experts from related fields creates an efficient and professional team for the organization of projects, who take into consideration the distinctiveness of each work. Thanks to this structure, we are capable of responding dynamically to the problems and changes that can often arise during the course of the work. Apart from this, we place large emphasis on the application of new scientific methods and technologies and we also devote great attention to scientific research. There have been also scientific researches done under the WMF projects recently. We process the acquired knowledge based on these research works in great detail and present it, for instance, within the framework of our professional symposia.


In recent years, we have acquired extensive experience in the field of conservation of monuments under the auspices of UNESCO and also within the framework of the European Union's Phare Program. Of the projects we have realised four have won the notable Europa Nostra prize for cultural heritage; the most important of these awards was endowed in 2002 for the complete reconstruction of Wallenstein Palace, the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic.
However, we do not only concentrate on state works, we also work on private and individual projects. For example, we might mention the restoration works at Lyons Demesne, a private castle in Ireland or the restoration of mural paintings and artefacts from a prestigious Kuwaiti collection. An integral part of our activities is also in the field education. By means both the participation in board of directors and lecturers we have devoted much time and effort to the education of future restorers at the Institute for Restoration and Conservation Techniques in Litomyšl, Czech Republic., whose structure of study is fully comparable with the programs of similar institutions in Europe and the rest of the world. Within the framework of practical study, the students have the opportunity to participate in the realisation of real restoration projects.
Gema Art is also very active in the fields of publishing and contemporary art. Experience drawn from the realisation of restoration works is also subsequently incorporated into thematically related publications. Numerous prestigious awards are proof of the quality of our books. Our company also offers consulting services in the search for and acquisition of financial support from EU funds, mainly within the framework of programs targeted at conservation and restoration of cultural monuments. We are further capable of offering co-operation in the preparation of applications and processing of actual projects, including international projects.

References in PDF format:

GEMA ART Booklet 

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris, Building renovation, 2002 - 2004

 Iraqi Heritage Preservation Projects 2004 - 2014 

Gočár Houses in Zoological garden of Capital City of Prague, Prague, 2010

of Saint Barbara, Kutná Hora, 2003 - 2012 

Basilica of  the Visitation of the Virgin Mary, Svatý Kopeček near Olomouc, 2007 - 2010

 The Philosophilcal Hall, Strahov Monastery, Prague, 2009 - 2010

 National Memorial at Vítkov, Prague, 2007 - 2009 
Villa Bílek, Prague, 2008 - 2010

City Bath in Liberec, 2011 - 2013

Flower garden, Kroměříž, 2012-2014 

Machoň passage, Pardubice, 2011 - 2013

Restoration of the Plasy Monastery Farmyard, Plasy, 2014 -2015

Kuks Hospital National Cultural Monument, 2013 - 2015