Wallenstein loggia, Jičín

 Valdtejsnk lodie tab

 Valdštejnská lodžie č.p.  4, Jičín
Description of work:
Restoration and reconstruction work
Town Administrative of Jičín
Implementation: 2015


The structure was built to the design of Italian architect Nicolò Sebregondi for the Duke of of Frýdlant, Albrecht of Wallenstein, who had chosen Jičín to be the administrative centre of his demesne. The construction began in 1630 and, according to archives, was completed in just two years. The existing appearance of the loggia is the result of several structural alterations in the past. The recent work consisted in repairs on the south-east front façade and the south-west and north-east side façades. Non-original, deteriorating stucco and topping plasters were removed, the cracks in the masonry stabilised using fibreglass rods glued into channels in the masonry and the damaged brickwork was repaired. Whole stones were replaced during repairs of the damaged stonework. The restoration also includes the municipal coat of arms on the south-east front façade.