Villa Stach and Villa Hoffmann at Hradčany in Prague

 kubismus hoffman

Tychonova 268, Praha 6
Description of work:
Reconstruction of Cubist villa
JONAK Real s.r.o.
Implementation: 08/2012 - 2013

Main entrance - cubist style Overall view of the villa Villa Hoffmann - cubist style Back tract of the building Villa Hoffmann - cubist style Villa Hoffmann - cubist style Villa Stach - modern style Villa Stach - modern style Main entrance - modern style Cubist summerhouse Back tract of the building Back tract of the building

The large double villa at Hradčany is one of the earliest Cubist buildings in the Czech Republic. The design for the villa was the work of Josef Gočár (1880 – 1945), an outstanding Czechoslovak architect of the first half of the 20th century. Among his well known projects are the Cubist House of the Black Madonna, the Rondo-Cubist building of the Legiobanka and the Church of St Wencelas, all in Prague, and Winternitz Mills in the town of Pardubice.
The first Cubist experiments in the field of architecture date back to the year 1912. The double villa in Tychonova Street in Prague was built a year later. The original plan was for a villa in the Modernist Style but the design was changed during the construction of the building. Its architecture shows both influences of Modernism (the house of Jan Stach) and Cubism (the house of Karel Hoffmann). A summer house, added in 1913, was also built in the Cubist Style.
The company GEMA ART GROUP a.s. has been engaged in the sensitive reconstruction of the villa since August 2012. Completion of the project is planned for 2014.