Church of Saint Nicholas, Prague

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 St. Nicholas Church, Old Town Square, Prague
Description of work:

Repair of the outer walls of St. Nicholas Church
Repair of the wooden elements
Refurbishment of the black-smith work
Restoration of the stained glass windows and Baroque statues

Capital City of Prague
Implementation: 07/2014 - 2016


Its state of disrepair made St. Nicholas Church in the Old Town Square a pressing issue for conservationists and the city. Chunks of plaster were falling off the building and the historical statues on the exterior were also damaged. The poor condition of the roofing let rain into the building, further exacerbating the poor condition of the church. Thus, reconstruction, which had been discussed for many years, became absolutely essential.

In the summer of 2013, a tender procedure was announced for repair of the outside walls and statues of the church, together with the damaged parts of the roofing material, with restoration of the stained glass windows and metal components. GEMA ART GROUP a. s. won the tender procedure.
Since July of 2014, work has been progressing on the first part of the repairs, including renewal of the historical outside walls. At the present time, the façade is being cleaned to remove later coatings, repaired and prepared for application of new stucco layers in colours according to the original design. This work will also encompass cleaning and restoring the Baroque stucco decoration created by Bartolomeo Spinetti. This will be followed by restoration of the Baroque sculptural decoration from the workshop of Matthius Bernard Braun and Mathias Wenzel Jäckel and also of the Neobaroque sculpture created by Bohuslav Šimanský.
In addition, the metal elements will be repaired (steel parts of the stained glass windows, iron bars, entrance portals with iron sheeting and forged decorations) and wooden components (wooden windows and portals). Simultaneously, the stained glass in the windows will be restored and the roof will be reconstructed to prevent leakage of rainwater and subsequent spreading of dampness inside the church.
The Baroque landmark designed according to the plans of Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer and constructed in 1732 –1737 was repaired by the end of November 2015.

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