Status Messages

In 2011, changes occurred in the management system of GEMA ART GROUP a.s.; we would like to inform our customers about these changes.

They lie in extension of the existing integrated management system (IMS) to include an information security system according to ISO 27001 and incorporation of new findings in the area of quality, the environment and occupational safety and health protection.

Organisations are increasingly pressed to address information security. This need ensues particularly from the threat of attacks, negative media coverage, legislative pressure and customers' demands. The growing importance and value of information contained in information systems and elsewhere are the basic aspects in the promotion of information security. The information security management system thus plays an increasing role in organisations.

In early 2011, the top management took a strategic decision to implement and certify an ISMS which would use some key tools to ensure information security in the company. The introduction of the information security management system was aimed particularly at ensuring information protection and management of the risks that could potentially endanger the information.
The requirements of the standard were implemented in the existing IMS documentation during the year. The information security management system was successfully certified in October 2011.

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Fig.: Structure of the integrated management system at GEMA ART GROUP a.s.

Last but not least, we would like to provide brief information about the positive steps we have taken in the area of quality, environment and occupational safety and health protection. In addition to the requirements of the implemented standards, we have incorporated in our system new findings we obtained from specialised servers and seminars in which we took part. Improvement has been observed particularly in the processes of implementation, acquisition and in the system of environmental education, education in occupational safety and health protection and fire protection education. We trust that you as our customers will also benefit from these improvements.

Area of certification:
• Restoration, reconstruction and atypical implementation of architectural designs
• Construction of structures, including changes therein and removal thereof