Quality Policy

Presentation of the company:
We have been active in the area of restoration of heritage objects for more than ten years. Over these years, our expertise and the quality of our work have helped to establish us in a unique position in the field. Our activities include restoration work on significant heritage objects both at home and abroad.
We currently focus our work particularly on the restoration and conservation of objects of heritage protection. Our extensive experience and permanent co-operation with excellent restoration workers and professionals in related fields allow us to create the most effective system for organising the performance of contracts within our group, sensitively taking into account and optimising the input parameters of every contract. Thanks to a broad professional background, we are able to perform constructions involving all construction systems and types. In addition, we place emphasis on the use of new scientific methods and technologies and pay considerable attention to research.
The lists of our clients and co-workers from among artistic personages, as well as our achievements and awards in the past years are now the guarantee and basis of the prestige of all the services that we provide as GEMA ART GROUP. We have performed contracts for, among others, the Office of the President of the Czech Republic, Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, National Museum, National Gallery in Prague, Gallery of the Capital City of Prague, Prague Information Service and Charles University. In recent years, we have accumulated extensive experience in the area of protection of heritage objects under the auspices of the UNESCO organisation and in the framework of the Phare program.
General information about us is also available at www.gemaart.cz
The primary aim of GEMA ART GROUP a.s. is to be a market-based, competitive and highly specialised organisation whose main strategic goals include:

In the area of quality management:
• always ensure a timely and perfect performance of the contract
• establish ourselves and strengthen our position in foreign markets
• constantly develop the professional capabilities of our employees
• increase customer satisfaction

In the area of environmental management:
• improve environmental performance over and above statutory requirements
• comply with all applicable statutory and other requirements for environmental protection
• engage and guide employees towards adopting a positive approach to the environment
• prevent pollution, eliminate and minimise risks and impacts of our activities on the environment, thus improving the environmental record of our work
• evaluate the environmental aspects of the existing and planned activities and products
• guide employees towards targeted reduction in the consumption of energy, recycling waste and decreasing waste generation
• co-operate with public administration in the reduction of environmental risks and minimisation of the consequences of breakdowns by using appropriate techniques

In the area of occupational health and safety management:
• maintain the occupational health and safety management system beyond the scope of the applicable legislation and related regulations
• constantly improve and increase the performance of the occupational health and safety management system
• eliminate and minimise identified risks and their impacts
• create a working environment with a positive effect on employees and their health
• inform the stakeholders, employees and customers of the risks of production and adopted safety measures
• if possible, provide customers with information on how to handle the supplied products safely

In the area of information security:
• protect our own and customers' information in terms of preserving its availability, confidentiality and integrity
• identify and manage, by proposing appropriate measures, risks in the area of information security
• constantly increase our employees' awareness of information security

With a view to supporting the above strategy, the management of the company commits itself to:
• reviewing the IMS policy on an annual basis, detailing it into achievable goals for the organisation and communicating it to all employees in order to ensure validity and appropriateness of the company's IMS policy
• creating conditions for all employees which will enable them to fulfil these objectives
• regularly checking and evaluating the goals aimed at fulfilment of the strategy
• introducing measures in case failure to fulfil the goals
• planning the resources required for fulfilment of the goals
• increasing and maintaining qualification of all employees
• ensuring annual measurable results indicating the condition of IMS management
• ensuring continual improvement of effectiveness of all parts of IMS
• ensuring prevention of environmental pollution
• complying with the applicable legislative provisions on the IMS
• complying with other requirements to which the organisation has committed itself
• making the IMS policy accessible to the public and communicating it to all employees of the company and workers acting based on authorisation from the organisation

The management expects employees and external workers of the company:
• to consistently and accurately comply with the procedures set by the IMS documentation
• to show a high degree of responsibility for the quality of their work
• to prevent failures by employing consistent self-control
• to actively co-operate in the prevention and minimisation of environmental impacts
• to comply with the requirements of occupational safety and health protection
• to comply with information security in accordance with the introduced policies and procedures